Help Us Protect The Planet - You Decide!

When you make a purchase on Travelmono.shop you become more than just a customer, you become a partner in our global conservation and sustainable development projects.

Your money goes directly to help fund socio-economic development and resource protection through sustainable travel initiatives around the world. We have an agreement to donate 100% of our profits to the Abiotic, Biotic & Cultural (ABC) Tourism CIC for 12 months.

This well needed funding will go towards a variety of projects in South America and Africa. Helping to protect local wildlife, relieving poverty and reducing environmental degradation. 

You Decide

We believe it is important we give you the chance to decide how this money will be spent. By filling in the poll below, you can tell us in which area you would like the profit from your purchase to help with.

By filling out the poll, we will pass the information onto ABC Tourism, and promise to give you updates on how the projects are progressing. 

Thanks for being part of the Travel Mono family, and helping us to protect vulnerable tourist destinations around the world.

If you would like to find out more about our donation pledge, please visit the pledge page here

You can also find out more about ABC Tourism and their sister organisation the Colombian Andes Project.