Measuring Your Dog

When measuring your dog, always compare to the item specific size and measurement tables. We use different suppliers and size measurements vary.

When ordering a coat, remember to leave some room for your dog to move. If your dogs size is in between two size, always go for the larger size. A dog collar should fit more snugly and using the exact measurement is recommended. Most collars are adjustable anyway.

Measure using a soft flexible tailors tape measure if possible.

Dog measurements

Neck: The neck measurement is required for a dog collar but can also be required for dog coats and other clothing. When measuring your dog’s neck measurement, measure the neck as you would for a collar.

Back: Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail along the dogs topline or backbone. You can use the point at which you measure your dog for its collar, as the base of the neck.

Chest: The chest measurement is used for measuring your dog for a harness. Measure right around the body from behind the front legs. Try to measure the widest part of the chest at this point.