Our Story

We are a collective of travel enthusiasts from the US and Europe who started a travel blog in 2016 to write about our travels, and as a method to stay connected with our friends. This blog eventually evolved into the Travel Mono Store you see here today. 

Our mission was to create a travel shop that would supply all our friends in the travel community with travel gear for their next adventure. With a few extreme hikers in our ranks they were keen to find suppliers who could offer high quality equipment at reasonable prices.

We hoped the income from the shop would keep our websites up and running, and maybe have a few coins left over for the Travel Mono Christmas meal. We exceeded our expectations, and eventually made a profit.

As a collective we didn't know how to invest our surplus of income (a nice problem to have). We decided to undertake some grass roots conservation tourism. We planted a few trees, and scrubbed a few turtles, but we felt we were not utilizing the full potential of our resources.

Then along came our friends at the Abiotic, Biotic & Cultural Tourism CIC. A non profit organisation promoting conservation through sustainable travel initiatives. 

In March 2018 we signed an agreement to give all our profits for one calendar year to ABC Tourism CIC to undertake projects in South America and Africa. We are ecstatic our travel shop will be help to protect vulnerable tourist destinations around the world.

We hope we can get involved in some of this great work ourselves. We will keep you updated.

We would like to leave you with this message: through all this our goal has been to give a viable alternative to the well established travel suppliers. We will always strive to be the best we can. But above all, we want you to know the money you spend will go to towards the fight to save this planet. 

All the best,

The Travel Mono Team.