We Pledge to Donate 100% of Our Profits to Help Vulnerable Tourist Destinations

We would like to tell you about our new pledge to support responsible tourism at vulnerable rural communities around the world.

The Travel Mono Store is pleased to announce we have signed a sponsorship deal with the Abiotic, Biotic & Cultural (ABC) Tourism Community Interest Company. ABC Tourism is a nonprofit charitable organisation (UK reg: 11273379) which promotes socio-economic development and resource protection through responsible tourism initiatives. 

We have agreed to donate 100% of our profits to ABC Tourism initially for one whole calendar year; from the 1st of March 2018 until the 28th of February 2019.

ABC Tourism is a start-up based in the United Kingdom, and we hope this valuable funding will give them a helping hand in achieving their goals. You can even help decide how the money is used.

At Travel Mono we are a passionate collective of world travellers, and responsible travel is a movement close to our hearts. 

ABC Tourism has field offices in South America and Africa, where they have been involved closely with conservation and development initiatives. These include projects aimed at the following areas - 

  • Reforestation projects - Tree planting activities involving travellers and local communities.
  • Tackling land degradation and soil erosion - Promoting sustainable agricultural practices
  • Working to conserve and restore vulnerable Andean ecosystems.
  • Addressing poverty at vulnerable destinations
  • Developing tourism that is economically beneficial to the host community.
  • Ensuring a fair wage, education and healthcare for local residents.
  • "Making better places for people to live in, and better places for people to visit"

You can find more information on the ABC Tourism website.

We have also agreed that for every pair of wood frame sunglasses we sell, ABC Tourism will plant a Colombian Oak sapling in the Colombian Andes.

Making a purchase is a great way to help make a difference, but if you would prefer to make a straightforward donation you can do so here: Donations

Every donation, however big or small, will be greatly appreciated by the ABC team. 

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