Solar & Self Powered Radio with LED Flashlight & USB Charger

  • £24.99 GBP

This multi-functional emergency radio and LED flashlight can be powered by solar energy, self powered using a hand crank or my USB charger to main electricity. The USB facility also has phone charging capability. When in outdoors, it can also be used to charge your smartphones. Perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing or kept in a car, caravan or home as an emergency kit.


- Color: Red.
- Material: ABS.
- Size: Approx. 15 cm x 6 cm x 7 cm (5.9 x 2.4 x 2.8inch)
- Radio station storage: 20.
- Rated voltage: 3.6V.
- Rated power: 0.5W.
- Rated frequency: AM 520-1710K, FM 87-108M (HZ)
- Battery: Below 1000mAh (included).
- Weight: 260g.
- AM/ FM/ NOAA: Listen to your favorite AM, FM stations or NOAA for weather broadcasts, and emergency weather alerts for your area such as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms.
- LED flashlight. Used in emergency and survival situations to provide lighting or for home backup in case of a power outage.
- Three ways to charge, including hand crank, solar charging and USB cable.
- Smart phone charger. It can be used to charge USB port devices such as smart phones to keep your devices powered.
- Perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing or stored in a car trunk as well as any emergency kit.