FBIQQ Multifunctional Survival Outdoor Camping Axe

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Product Description:

A multifunctional outdoor hand hatchet with hex heads and pull slot. Wooden handle and nylon head sheath.

Category: Axe
Overall Length: 22.5cm
Brand Name: FBIQQ
Type: Hammer Axe
Features: Explosion-proof, Multifunctional
Axe Head Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Axe Head Type: Single-bit
Blade Width: 10cm
Blade: 3CR13
Hardness: 53HRC
Surface: Oxidized Black
Handle Wood: Colored Wood
Handle Length: 11.5CM
Net Weight: 305 grams
Gross weight: 330 grams
The Scabbard: Nylon Sleeve


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