Mini Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

  • £44.99 GBP

Manual hand espresso maker in a mini travel design. Great espresso where ever you are, Just a scoop of ground coffee beans and a little hot water, and you can have an espresso in your hotel room, on a campsite, or even on the road.

No batteries, no power cord. Uses cold water for cold espresso, or requires boiled water for a hot espresso. 

The espresso maker works with the help of the semi-automatic piston. By  pushing the piston small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. After a few pushes, the optimal extraction pressure of 8 bar is achieved, and a rich and bold espresso is extracted.

Size: Appox. 17 cm x  8cm (6.69-inches x 3.15-inches)

Weight: Approx. 400g

Amount of powder: Approx. 7g

Water capacity: 70ml

Brand Name: AIHOME

Certification: CE / EU

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